Nalley Fresh
Community Involvement

Nalley Fresh is committed to enhancing and contributing to the communities in which its restaurants are located! But, because we can't be all things to all people (except perhaps in our menu offerings ;)), our two focus areas are:

  1. Second and Third Chances. This means supporting programs which help individuals who have suffered trauma and/or negative consequences from poor decisions to get back on their feet. Program areas include: education, life skills, training, employment and volunteerism.
  2. Entrepreneurship. It is challenging to take an idea and turn it into a reality! As a relatively early stage company, Nalley Fresh understands these challenges first hand and offers support to those bold enough to venture into uncharted territories. Program areas include: education, mentoring, internships and incubators.

We have a small team and are pretty darn busy keeping What's Fresh Today? truly fresh, breaking flavor barriers and making it possible to Express Your Inner Chef. So, at this time, Nalley Fresh only accepts focused, comprehensive proposals. We are unable to accept ad hoc donation requests for food or dollars.

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