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This Week: Taste the South in your Mouth!
Jun 19th, 2016

This Week: Taste the South in your Mouth!

Once again Nalley Fresh is teaming up with McCormick for a flavorlicious winning play.

If this is the first time you're hearing about McCormick Mondays, here's the scoop: We're celebrating our creative partnership with world famous McCormick & Company every Monday in June by combining a featured protein with a featured McCormick seasoning in a FRESH recipe that showcases a unique flavor profile for that week.

Welcome to Week 3: Southern Sultry! Chef Greg Nalley and Chef Len King, McCormick's Executive Chef, have co-conspired once again.

Greg Nalley digs deep into his southern roots, complete with grandma's tried-and-true influence, to bring summer flavors to your tastebuds for this one-day-only experience of southern flavorliciousness.

Raised in Greenville, South Carolina, Chef Greg grew up in the "deep south" environment. And while that may not seem completely apparent these days with his world-vibe personality, much of his culinary influence comes from those early moorings.

"Grandma was a very beautiful and sophisticated Southern woman who was an adventurous cook and who always tried a lot of different things," says Nalley, with a country-gentleman's glisten.

The south has a reputation of rigidity. But Greg reminds us about his hometown's confluence of influence: "The seaport of Charleston brought in a melting pot of cultures — with a lot of imported ideas that made southern cooking what it is."

As a hotspot filled with merchants from many lands, the Charleston port of trade was a mosaic of peoples and international influences; a many-streamed mashup of flavors from Africa, France, Portugal, Europe, and South America. The same is true with the famed foods of New Orleans.

So grandma taught Greg how to combine a diversity of ingredients to achieve new flavors. A practice Nalley still employs every day in the Nalley Fresh Flavor Lab.

Greg and Len are bringing a heaping helping of that taste to you this Monday, all day, and at all 8 Nalley Fresh locations. Don't miss!