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The Great Big Human Picture
Mar 17th, 2016

The Great Big Human Picture

We get super busy around here.

But not just with business.

It would be easy to get so laser-focused during the lunch rush that nothing else seems to matter. But we all know that there's more to life than speedy service and making those long lines seem so short.

As important as that is.

We work hard to staff our locations with top-notch people who see the big picture when it comes to serving and meeting the demands of our growing tribe of health-minded foodies.

And being selective in the hiring process has paid off in ways that make more than just business sense. It has paid off in the human sense.

Because sometimes life is bigger than lunch.

We get messages through the contact form at the Nalley Fresh website. And we've seen it all. Or at least we thought. Until we got this:

I was in the Timonium location today for lunch. While I was there, a gentleman at another table was having what appeared to be some significant health issues. I wanted to write to let you know how impressed I was with how the Timonium staff reacted to this unfortunate situation. One young man in particular was particularly impressive with the level of compassion and genuine concern he had for the stricken customer. I didn't get his name, but he had a magnificent and mighty beard. He should really be recognized somehow for how he handled the situation. Hopefully the gentleman having health issues is ok. Thank you for reading my message.
Wow. A "magnificent and mighty beard" indeed. And a magnificent and mighty heart.

We applaud the staff for their great service, sure. But your attention to humanity? Now that gets a Standing O. Bravo! We love you.