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Summer with Spice is Twice as Nice
Aug 4th, 2016

Summer with Spice is Twice as Nice

We're considering getting this hot & spicy fella re-named the Maryland Home Team Pepper! Stop by the Nalley Fresh gardens when visiting our Hunt Valley shop - Warning: For your own safety DO NOT sample it, it does not play, and we do not have milk available!

Bring the heat!

Another 4th of July has come and gone but we still have plenty of fireworks at Nalley Fresh. Of course, we're talking about spicy recipes!

Love for spicy food has been around forever, but it's a super HOT trend right now and we're always on top of it! The news is out and we got the memo: This summer, our buds are yearning for a little heat.

We are in fact so committed to spice that we have our own Nalley Fresh Gardens where we sow, grow, and harvest FRESH mouthwatering heat from the earth.

Spice is better in context.
But this isn't just heat for pete's sake. If that were the only thing that mattered we could all just go to pepper eating contests every day. No, we want our heat to bring out the best in our recipes. It's one thing for a flavor to grandstand and numb out all the other flavors in a dish; it's another for spiciness to play well with others for a glorious celebration of taste.

Chef Greg is all about audacious flavor innovations so that Nalley Fresh Foodies will never tire of the endless combinations achievable at Nalley Fresh.

Look for the fire near you.
Look for all the signs of spice at any of our locations! We just put up a searing fire flame visual next to the dressings signage in all our Nalley Fresh locations. So if you want spicy ask for Bang Bang or Boom Boom! This push grew out of events where at least 75% of you asked for "more spicy."

So come out today and let's fire up some flavor!