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Meet Monica: The Nalley Fresh Nutritionist
Mar 10th, 2016

Meet Monica: The Nalley Fresh Nutritionist

What happens when you morph a licensed nutritionist with a person who went to culinary school at L'Academie de Cuisine? Meet Monica Reinagel, "The Nutrition Diva" and the house nutritionist at Nalley Fresh. If you listen to WYPR 88.1 (Baltimore's local NPR station) while driving to work, you've probably heard Monica's "Smart Nutrition" segments.

Monica's portfolio also includes blogging for The Huffington Post, appearing as a regular on TODAY, NPR's Morning Edition, and the Doctor Oz Show. She also produces a popular weekly nutrition podcast that has garnered a huge listenership with more than 18 million downloads in 189 countries. With a Master's degree in Human Nutrition and years of experience in the restaurant business, Monica's known for being "sane and scientific" but also "foodie friendly." We trust her advice and you can too.

One of Monica's big projects at Nalley Fresh has been the creation of our interactive Nutrition Calculator. Here's a screenshot:

Design Your Own Healthy!

There are a lot of different ways to define "healthy" and what's right for someone else might not be right for you. The new online Nutrition Calculator shows you exactly how your meal fits with your nutrition goals or requirements. Customize it and see your Nutrition Facts update in real time! When you like what you see, we'll build it to your specifications.

Check out the Nalley Fresh Nutrition Calculator today! If you have questions or need guidance, Monica is here to help.