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McCormick Mondays Week 4: Crushed Chipotle Cuban Mojo
Jun 26th, 2016

McCormick Mondays Week 4: Crushed Chipotle Cuban Mojo

ONE GLORIOUS DAY ONLY: Get in on a little taste of Havana with a FLAVORLICIOUS meeting of extraordinary culinary minds — Chef Greg Nalley and McCormick's Chef Len King.
Crushed Chipotle Cuban Mojo will be a little like 4th of July fireworks in your mouth.

In case you haven't heard, here's what's been up: Nalley Fresh has been celebrating our creative partnership with the world famous McCormick & Company every Monday in June by combining a featured protein with a featured McCormick seasoning in a FRESH recipe that showcases a unique international flavor profile for that week.

Welcome to Week 4: Crushed Chipotle Cuban Mojo!

Maybe not everyone knows this, but long before "chipotle" was ever a chain restaurant, it's always been a smoked, dried jalapeño. It's a venerable ingredient that adds depth.

McCormick scours the globe to deliver the best. Their gourmet crushed chipotle adds a distinctively sweet and smoky flavor with just enough heat to bring everything to life.

But there's more to this feature dish than crushed chipotle... we're also going Cuban. Some of you may know that Cuban cuisine is influenced by a lot of international flavors: Spanish, French, African, Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese cultures are all contributors to this mashup of merriment.

Sounds really good, doesn't it? Wait'll you taste it. Because there's more. You'll have chipotle. You'll have it cubanized. And you'll also have your choice of chicken or tofu flavored with a marinade called mojo...

Say hello to my little friend.

McCormick Mondays is your invitation to meet and eat Crushed Chipotle Cuban Mojo — one day only on Monday June 27 — at all 8 Nalley Fresh locations.