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McCormick Mondays: A Celebration Of Flavor
May 12th, 2016

McCormick Mondays: A Celebration Of Flavor

Because we're all about fresh, all about flavor, and all about fresh flavors, we're excited to unveil our epic new partnership with one of the nation's most prestigious producers of spice.

McCormick, a Fortune 1000 company, has been in the spice business since 1889 and wafts inspiring scents from one of her locations near the Nalley Fresh Timonium restaurant, ever reminding us that flavor gives life a sense of zest and meaning.

As a way to publically celebrate our partnership, we're unleashing an idea for June that's been in the works for quite some time: McCormick Mondays. This June will be an epic celebration of flavor that serious foodies will most certainly appreciate.

McCormick's invitation is alluring: "Join us on our mission to save the world from 'boring' healthy food as we share healthier, flavorful recipes for you to enjoy every day." Nalley's passion for fresh coupled with McCormick's "pursuit of pure," makes for a powerful partnership that we can't wait to share with you. So each Monday in June, Nalley Fresh will present the gift of fresh inspirational recipes which will hopefully inspire you to Express Your Inner Chef.

Here's what it looks like: Every Monday in June there's going to be a special featured protein with a featured McCormick spice blend in an exclusive Nalley Fresh recipe by Chef Greg Nalley. Each new taste will showcase an international flavor profile. At front of the point & pick line there'll be a snapshot of the recipe. Pick your flavor and build your epic culinary creation. No doubt, some of you will do some research ahead of time and others of you will embrace your penchant for spontaneity. Either way, it's ALL good.

Chef Greg Nalley and McCormick's Executive Chef are conspiring together on 4 recipes that will be released later this month so stay tuned!

4 Mondays.

4 recipes.

4 starter blocks to build on.

MARK YOUR MONDAYS in June as these 4 exclusive recipes will be on site at each of our 8 locations for a limited time.