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LIMITED TIME: Mojito Mango!
Jul 5th, 2016

LIMITED TIME: Mojito Mango!

Summertime often defines our food mood. A summer dish is a little like summer wear. It has to fit the weather. We aren't wearing sweaters and eating chowder. We're wearing flip-flops and eating Mojito Mango at Nalley Fresh!

Available with your choice of chicken or tofu, Mojito Mango is a delicious complete dish designed to make your summer healthy and delicious. True to our "Design Your Own Healthy" form, Mojito Mango is available as a bountiful salad, a hearty bowl, or a satisfying wrap.

So just what is this Mojito Mango concoction all about?

Many of you are no-doubt familiar with the rum-infused Cuban cocktail known as the Mojito. Borrowing from some of these inspiring summer flavors, think of Nalley Fresh's Mojito Mango as a rum-free-summer-infused-chef-inspired meal to make your summer taste even better.

Let's break it down to give us all some clues about where Chef Greg is going with this summer masterpiece.

Mojitos traditionally consist of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and mint.

But then Chef Greg's culinary mind went to... mangos?

Chef Greg has always had disdain for color-by-numbers.

The mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. It is also the national tree of Bangladesh. Mangoes are widely used in cuisine. Sour, unripe mangoes are used in chutneys, athanu, pickles, side dishes, or may be eaten raw with salt, chili, or soy sauce. A summer drink called aam panna comes from mangoes.

Beginning to taste it?

And there's a healthy side to this crisp & clean summer dish as well.

The mojito mango salad boasts an entire day's worth of vitamin C thanks to the mango. Add an entire day's worth of vitamin A, courtesy of the spinach and arugula. These antioxidants act as a sort of "internal sunscreen" helping to protect the skin from UV rays and that's perfect for summer.

So for a limited time, get out to your nearest Nalley Fresh location to experience all the glories of Mojito Mango!