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CEO Greg Nalley Talks Food, Business and Life with citybizlist
Mar 28th, 2016

CEO Greg Nalley Talks Food, Business and Life with citybizlist

CEO Greg Nalley discusses food, business and life in this video conversation with citybizlist. Click here to view the full, original article and video.

"My name is Greg Nalley, I am the founder of Nalley Fresh. With me food has always been a passion and it started with my grandmother when I was a young child growing up in the deep south, South Carolina.

Food is a central part of what you do and my grandmother was always the great cook who thought outside the box and put different ingredients together. In South Carolina, you know you think of the food being rigid and is southern, your kind of pigeon holed into just southern food.

But, there are so many different cultures that influenced the State of South Carolina from the Port of Charleston and through the years from the 1600s all the way up to today. So, all of these different cultures influenced the way we ate and my grandmother would always experiment with different things and from a young age. So I love building flavor. Just loved it. It came natural to me.

It's probably the only thing in my life that comes natural to me is cooking. Everything else is a chore, this is not.

I have always liked layering foods. I like layering flavors when I cook. When I cook I like to start and build flavors, you just don't dump everything into a pot and cook it and it comes out great. It will come out good, but it is not going to come out great until you layer the flavors and the sweets and the sours, and the crunchies and the softs and all of these different textures and all of these different flavors are combined to get the end result and it is like a dance. You know it starts off slow and then it kind of weaves and then you are doing a couple of pirouettes and then you finally have the final product.

So, yeah I have learned a lot and I was able to cultivate cooking through my grandmother." Continue to the full article here.